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We are a Professional Recording Studio located in Portland, USA.

The Studio

Our Services

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What Clients Say

[wvc_testimonial_slider slideshow_speed=”6000″ nav_arrows=”false”][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”Fantastic studio and an absolute pleasure to work with Racks. Highly competent and easy to work with. ” name=”Jave Gray (The Queenstons)” avatar=”1966″][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”Racks Studios is absurdly well-equipped and located in a tranquil setting. It’s a great place to be, to hang around, and to record. It is a great place to play and record music.” avatar=”1645″ link=”Gozer Maklov”][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”What a setting! What a location! What a producer! We spent a total of 4 days recording and may we say it was the best experience ever.” name=”Lee Waston” avatar=”1646″][/wvc_testimonial_slider]


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